Useful Links and Info

St. Louis County main web site.

General information about the Meridan trash collection and recycling program, including holidays.

  • If you need to file a complaint against the County Trash Designant, you can email the following individuals:
    • Mary Patterson:
    • Sharon McBain:
Fox Creeks Estates Subdivision Plot Map
  • This document illustrates the entire Fox Creeks Estates Subdivision
    • It does not reflect the dozen or so homes lost to the 141 expansion
    • It does not reflect the private drive off of Parkwatch that contains several homes
    • This Google map also illustrates the boundaries of Fox Creek Estates
Neighborhood Preservation
If you have a complaint about a Fox Creek Estates property, you can email the complaint and appropriate information to St. Louis County at this email address or visit them online.

Click here to view the St. Louis County Ordinance Guidebook.

Political Campaign Signs
The St. Louis County Zoning Ordinance (Section 1003.168D.5.3) permits political campaign signs without a building permit in any zoning district subject to the following: 
  • No permit from St. Louis County is required. 
  • Political campaign signs may announce the candidates seeking public political office and other pertinent data. 
  • Maximum size of any one sign: 8 sq. ft. 
  • Maximum total sign area for all signs combined: 16 sq. ft. total for each lot or each dwelling unit. 
  • Sign(s) shall be erected on private property only. 
  • Signs(s) may not be placed in the public right of way, including sidewalk area and street area. 
  • Signs(s) shall be removed within 7 days after the election for which they were made.
These are the regulations set forth by St. Louis County. Some subdivisions may have additional deed restrictions.